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Making Handy Pot Holders at Home

Curated article on making the hand woven pot holder and its history. Includes videos showing how to get accustomed to a basic potholder loom kit, potholder loops and lace edged variations, and other pot holder loom details: 

 By Sergey Brinchok

Making pot holders at home is a perfect little machine-quilted task, easy to do and quick to finish. It not only employs your creativity while making something functional but is also one such hobby that saves your money from useless drainage at kitchen article shops. They can so be made with your stash or if there's a theme fabric, this little project is perfect to have fun going domestic. One can also make them with leftover patchwork blocks or scrap fabrics.

If you need to practice mitering your binding corners, it is best advisable to design 8" square items with a hanging loop which is finished with applied bindings. I'd suggest the inner padding of the device to be made with terrycloth and so you need to keep one your aging towels ready. However, they are to be cut, so do not choose the ones you love.

Now, we begin with the exciting part, the making of a handy holder. Most of the square holders measure between 7"-9" but for these directions, I'd use an 8" square. However, the size can be increased or decreased depending on the requirements.

For each pot holder, cut two 8" squares of cotton fabric, a front and a back. Use 100% cotton only, no synthetic or blends. These are the port holders. Next, cut one 8" square of the terrycloth towel into the cotton square which would serve as the inner insulating pad. Decide how the pot holder will be machine quilted. For an instance, you may mark a 1-inch diagonal grid starting in the middle, from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and then mark quilting lines. Assemble the holder while placing the terrycloth square in the exact center. You must make sure that the front and back of it are right-side-out. Once set, following the quilting lines, begin machine quilting.

For a much more efficient sew, one may stitch along the pot holder edge as to finish one diagonal line and then begin stitching another. After the pot holder has been machine quilted, it's time to finish the raw edges. Firstly, trim off any excess threads or fabric, while trying to keep the pot holder square in shape. It may seem difficult for novices, but everything comes with practice.

Before the binding is stitched onto the thing, you may make a hanging loop for the pot holder. For this, you are required to cut a 1 1/4? x 6? strip of matching fabric, lay strip on ironing cloth with wrong side up, then turn both long edges inward 1/4? to butt into each other. Subsequently, press the edges. Once the edges of the loop are pressed in 1/4?, you'd fold in half with the folded edges meeting along the edge. Press again. The loop strip can be closed with machine stitching. Next, fold the hanging loop in half. Pin the ends of the loop along the top-right edge of the front, an inch from the corner.

Make the binding with a strip of matching cotton fabric. Cut one strip of 1 1/2? x 35?. However, make longer if pot holder is larger than 8?. Add the binding 1/4th" and don't forget to miter the edges. Now, you must finish the binding. Turn it to the back of the holder and pin it in proper place. Stitch the binding to the back. Always make sure you miter the edges.

That's all you've got to do to make the pot holder ready. Happy Sewing!

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Pure Forskolin Extract in Worldwide Demand

A release about the international popularity of pure forskolin extract products.

The dietary supplement containing pure Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract is currently back in stock Dieters from all around the world can now enjoy the benefits of healthy weight-losing, with the new Pure Natural Forskolin Slim formula, currently back in stock at the manufacturer.

For the following period the new Pure Natural Forskolin Slim can be order from the official website, as recently announced by the producer. According to the manufacturer’s online claim, every order is guaranteed by insurance and secured with the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee return policy, for customers asking for a full refund.

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How to Use Lavender Oil

Lavender pure essential oil is native to the Mediterranean. It grows in open fields and on mountain slopes, giving off an intense aroma when it blooms. It is not primarily grown and harvested in Provence. The most potent form of Lavender is the oil. And the finest oil is distilled from Lavandula Officinalis. This variety only grows at altitudes above 3000 feet. Below are listed some of the lavender oil uses.

Lavender's pure and clean scent is well known. It is the most commonly used essential oil and the absolute classic oil for treating burns!

A universal first aid healing oil, Lavender has broad application and may be beneficial for treating an assortment of wounds, as well as for relieving inflammatory conditions like fever blisters, rheumatism, sore muscles and back pain.

As a woman with fibromyalgia, I have made it a personal project to learn about herbal therapies to help myself manage my own headaches and chronic pain. As a nurse, I feel compelled to share alternative therapies that can ease the pain of migraine and help us manage the stress of daily living that triggers migraine headaches, muscle aches and depression.

Tea tree oils noted for their antimicrobial properties are frequently found in hair and skin care products. Even skeptics accept that mint and eucalyptus relieve stuffy noses caused by colds and flu. The perfume industry has always marketed the mood-invoking power of scent. Scents are marketed as sensual, sexy, calming, refreshing, natural, and romantic. Shopping malls use scent to create a mood.

Lavender oil has a very strong floral spice scent and its healing properties are renowned all over the world. It can revitalize and rejuvenate the immune system and help in the building of white blood cells in the blood. It has excellent antiseptic and anti-viral properties which is why it is so efficient in giving relief from the herpes virus. It is also an excellent cure for other skin infections including athlete's foot, when blended with thyme and clove. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which help prevent fever blisters.

Lavender is excellent for skin care and promotes healing and regeneration for all skin types, especially dry skin.

Add to your shampoo for helping to reduce hair loss. Also good for regulating sebum production to relieve oily/dry scalp conditions. Helpful for controlling dandruff!

Use Lavender for burns, rashes, acne, eczema, boils, dermatitis, leg ulcers, and psoriasis. Apply it immediately to burns to prevent blistering, or scarring, as well as speed healing of wounds as it stimulates cellular repair and regeneration.

Lavender can be used for headaches, migraines and sore muscle relief. Lavender eases joint stiffness and helps us cope with chronic pain. Interestingly enough, lavender has antiseptic qualities and even repels insects naturally.

Lavender is one of the only 2 essential oils that can be used directly on skin with no dilution!

Mold Deterrent 1/4 cup white vinegar, 3/4 cup water, 2 drops Cinnamon Leaf 5 drops Patchouli, 2 Teaspoons Tea Tree & 2 drops Tagettes. Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle. If you already have a buildup of mold or mildew, allow the spray to "rest" on the surface for a few hours. Wipe with a soft cloth, re-spray the area and let dry without rinsing.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Case Study in Compound Pharmacy Marketing

by Wesley Yuhn

Normally, when we think about compound pharmacy marketing techniques, we focus on the larger pharmaceutical companies with smaller divisions focused on producing a special drug for doctors, patients or hospitals.

Yet, there are entrepreneurs who develop legal products that are not classified as drugs under the rules of the FDA, with the help of individual pharmacists.

"Marketing for a single product made under the laws of the compound pharmacy acts can be interesting, fun and slightly more challenging," advises Wesley Yuhn & Media Oasis.

"Generally, these businesses are the mom-and-pop style starting from scratch with a very tiny advertising budget. If you want to see what you really know about marketing, this is the type that you should take on."

Case Study

A young couple in Kansas City, Kansas had trouble sleeping after their second child was born. Because they didn't like taking over-the-counter sleep medications that made them groggy in the morning, they decided to try fruit extracts that they heard about from a television show.

While the extract powders worked, the wife (Adrienne) talked to her pharmacist brother and asked him if the same type of product could be made using the juices of the fruits instead of dried powders that lose their natural potency.

It took the compound pharmacy over a year to get the balance correct and then, recommended a company in California that could manufacturer the product to the exact specifications. In 2013, the mom-and-pop company launched their one and only product, Berry Sleepy, on their website.

Breaking into the sleep aid industry with a product that sounds more like a vitamin than an aid to help you fall asleep has not been easy. That said, the couple is patient and understands that it takes time to break through the cluck and clatter of thousands of websites to be seen.

One Step at a Time Strategy

With any brand new start-up business, balancing the amount of the advertising budget with the amount of the total capital is essential, which is why taking one step at a time is important.

This does not mean that one single marketing strategy should eat all the advertising dollars available. For this company, the strategy was to use paid internet and brick-and-mortar options combined with free internet and brick-and-mortar options.

Utilizing local newspapers to promote the product as a human interest story

Using Facebook to share with friends and friends of friends building a potential customer base

Getting permission to publish actual customer reviews

Establishing a forum to answer questions from potential customers

Emailing local pharmacies and other retail outlets that may be interested in carrying the product

Using an email campaign to ask customers to share the news with their own friends

Use narrowly targeted pay-per-click advertising

The outcome of these measures has resulted in 125% + ROI and the product is now available in over 25 local brick-and-mortar outlets plus a 20% increase in online sales.

The next steps involve click2call advertising and mobile marketing strategies to expand their customer base over the next two years.

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Transform yourself into a Favorite Movie Character with Movie Character Contact Lenses

By Steven Jones

You must have heard about colored contact lenses. But, do you know about lenses that possess effects of a movie character? Such contact lenses are colored, but own effects of a famous movie character. These lenses are perfect to top up your character for a costume party where you would like to dress up as your favorite movie character. One of such contact lenses is avatar contact lenses.

Basic insights of movie character contact lenses

Movie character lenses are inspired by famous movies' characters that are loved by many people. The character can be popular creatures, horror characters, animated characters, or any other varied character played by your favorite movie star from various movies. These lenses offer as a great embellishment for a scary Halloween costume party, fancy dress competitions, and for schools theatrical endeavors. Such lenses can provide an outstanding look to your complete persona when you are dresses up as a different character.

So, you can stand out with your entire new look in a costume party. These contact lenses are designed while keeping the most popular characters of folks in focus.

Can I purchase these lenses?

Yes. These lenses are available to purchase from online colored lenses' stores. You may find a wide-range of character contact lenses on online stores where you can purchase them at a fixed price. Once you order them, they will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Which lenses are available for purchase?

There are many retailers engaged in selling movie character contact lenses in market. Every retailer can have various designs to offer for customers. However, there are some particular designs that you can find easily in market. These options include:

Twilight contact lenses
Zombie Contact Lenses
Avatar contact lenses
Hulk contact lenses
Terminator contact lenses
Goblin eye contact lenses
Frankenstein contact lenses

You can choose from the various types that suits best to your style and the character you have selected.

A few safety instructions

Like other contact lenses, movie character contact lenses also need proper safety and care. You have to store them in a suitable contact lens case. The lenses should be kept in the solution; so they can remain clean and safe to use. Make sure that the lenses are not drying out; do not wear them more than the mentioned time limit on the instructions. The movie character contact lenses should be used as per the instructions that are indicated on the pack of lenses.

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